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OKSE Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below is some of the most frequently asked questions we get while talking to other schools and other esports related entities. So we thought we would answer some of the questions here to help guide you!



Question: What Kind of Equipment Do We Need?

Honestly, this completely depends on the game you’re wanting to play and the league you’re competing in. With OKSE you could use a variety of equipment because 90% of all of the games we play actually are crossplay compatiable. If you can not afford equipment upfront you can always have your students bring in equipment as well to help get your program going. OKSE supports PC, PS4, PS5 , Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. There is no reason to spend tons of money on your start-up unless you “have to” spend it ie (Grant/Federal Program/etc.) Be sure to check our Technical Support Page for Minimum System Requirements for PC.



Question: Are You Sanctioned with OSSAA?

So this question has been asked many, many times throughout multiple conversations. Simply put, NO. We are not sanctioned with the OSSAA. It’s not that we don’t ever plan to be by any means, infact we would take an offer to discuss esports in Oklahoma with them, so for now think of AAU Basketball very similar, we have our own rules and regulations and handbook. We require academic standards and all of that as well. Just take a moment and look at the website you’ll see we have our own State Championships, both Middle School and High School. We also have our own trophies, awards, and plaques all of which are designed by an Oklahoma based company. Our champions are listed on our website and promoted on social media as well. They have also been included in our State Championship Recap video which you can watch here! 



Question: How Much Does It Cost and What Do The Fees Cover?

Current costs in 2023 are: High School 9th-12th ($200) and Middle School 6th-8th ($200). This is for an entire year! August until May, you pay one time and your students get to play two seasons. One Fall season which is August to December (Fall State Championship) and one Spring season January to April (Spring State Championship). If cost is a deal breaker please contact us via email and we will work with you on what needs to be done. Let’s bring esports to your school first and worry about the fees later!!  All fees go back to our students in the shape of awards, plaques, trophies, and/or scholarships. We do not take anything for overhead it is 100% for the students! 



Question: When are Games Played?

Currently, our games are played on Saturdays throughout the month. Usually 1 Saturday dedicated to High School and 1 Saturday dedicated to Middle School. Our In-Person events are scheduled throughout the season and all coaches are notified beforehand about the competitions in person. Be sure to check our Calendar for the latest information!



Question: Do You Recommend Esports as a Class or After School Program?

Honestly, this question depends on how you want to design and run your program. As a class you’d be able to get curriculum and get practice throughout the school day compared to after school. The big issue with after school is trying to pull everyone together for team based games. However it can be done, it’s all about how you structure it. 



Question: Can a Student Play More Than One Game?

Yes, they definitely can! There’s no reason to limit students if we don’t have to. 



Question: Why Don’t You Offer Certain Game Titles?

All of our games we work directly with developers to be able to offer the games we do because of licensing. If you want to see a game added please contact us and we will work on it.



Question: Can You Coach Esports Even If You Don’t Know All of the Games?

Yes absolutely! There are ways we can help train your coach and even get them certified! So, if they have any issues we can help guide them in the direction they need! Remember, no one will know every game offered and that’s fine. If you’re willing to take the time to help your students, they’ll be willing to explain the game to you 90% of the time.



Question: What is the Difference Between OKSE and the Other Leagues?

OKSE Other Leagues
  1.  Low entry fee. $200 for HS or MS.
  2.  Cost goes back to our Oklahoma Students.
  3.  100% Oklahoma Based, Owned, Operated by Oklahoma Educators.
  4.  Coaches/Admins/Players have an active voice.
  5.  Has a Student Advisory Council and Parent Outreach Board.
  6. Can contact at any time, usually 12-24 hr turnaround for major issues.
  7. Uses a platform for scheduling/stats/etc.
  8.  Has a Middle School Program and MS State Championship.
  9. Offers a State Championship for 4th and 5th grade students.
  10. Offers a hybrid system of in-person and online.
  11. Non-Profit Organization.
  12. Tremendous student support and success.
  13.  Very low .05% forfeiture rate.
  14.  Very Transparent Organization.
  1.  May cost $4000+
  2.  Fees may go to outside entities not located in Oklahoma.
  3.  Money may not be reinvested in Oklahoma at all.
  4.  May not have collegiate relationships.
  5.  Can not always play more than 1 game.
  6.  Might be limited to specific games.
  7.  Support is lacking, might take days or weeks for an answer.
  8.  Might not have a platform for stats/data/etc.
  9.  Might not have in-person events. Could be virtual only.
  10.  Might not have student support or success.
  11.  Might have high forfeiture rates.
  12.  Might not tell you anything about their organization.